Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yoyo's Amigurumi Adventure

While perusing Ravelry this week, I found these great Hoops & Yoyo ami patterns at Amination Blog.  I already had the right yarn for Yoyo (but not for Hoops), so I made a Yoyo.

If you don't know who Hoops & Yoyo are, then here's a pic from Hallmark:

Hoops & Yoyo are two characters found on the Hallmark website, and they have a number of adventures that you can watch.  Of course, they also have lots of Hoops & Yoyo cards and other things Hallmark sells.   There used to be quite a few free Hoops & Yoyo online cards available, but it seemed like the free Hoops & Yoyo stuff pretty much disappeared after awhile.

Anyway, without any further ado, I present

Yoyo's Amigurumi Adventure

Yoyo woke up and couldn't find Hoops, so he decided to go look for him.  Yoyo went to the first house he could find, and he entered through a window. 

He walked through the house looking for Hoops.  Yoyo came upon a hill full of cacti.  He looked around, but Hoops was nowhere to be found.

Yoyo became very thirsty, so he began looking for water.  After much searching, he found a pond full of fish.

*No fish were harmed while making this adventure
**The fish tank is not this yellow in real life.  However, I'm still trying to get it to be clear again.

Yoyo drank some water and played with the fish for awhile, and then he returned to his task of finding Yoyo.  While searching around in the living room, Yoyo thought he had finally found Hoops. 

He played with Hoops for a few minutes, and then Yoyo realized he must just be tired or delirious from all of his adventuring because he discovered it was actually a wild beast.

Yoyo played dead until the wild beast lost interest.  After his escape, Yoyo decided it was time to sleep.  He thought he remembered a place to sleep near where he had first entered, and he made his way back.

Yoyo found a comfy place to sleep. A group of ami friends was also planning to sleep there.  They were very nice to Yoyo and made room for him.  The friends told Yoyo that Hoops had come through the area earlier that day and would be back soon.  Yoyo felt very relieved, and he drifted off to sleep.



  1. I'm so glad Yoyo found some ami-friends after all! At least, until Hoops shows up!
    He's so cute, thanks for using the pattern, Julie!


    1. Thank you, and thanks for stopping by my little blog. :)