Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hoops' Amigurumi Adventure

Last week, I made Yoyo, and he was lonely, so I decided to go ahead and make Hoops.  The pattern I used for Hoops was from Amination Blog.  I followed the pattern, except for making the eyes just slightly bigger.

 Hoops' Amigurumi Adventure

When last we met, at Yoyo's Amigurumi Adventure, we encountered Yoyo the bunny, who was patiently awaiting the return of his best friend Hoops.  Now, we adventure from the perspective of Hoops the cat.

Hoops was outside scavenging for food when a bad rainstorm came through.  He sought refuge under a nearby porch.

The rain stopped, but it looked like it could rain again at any moment, so Hoops decided to stay awhile longer.

Hoops wandered around the porch and animal that he thought resembled himself.  He had never encountered another of his kind, and he was very curious, so he jumped up into the chair with the animal.

However, the beast in the chair began to attack, or so he thought, so Hoops ran away into the house.

Hoops found some other animals when he entered the house, and he talked to them. They seemed really nice.  He was hungry, so he decided to look for food.  Hoops stood up by the window to look out for food.

He couldn't see any food, but he found a higher spot, so he decided to climb up and look.  Hoops climbed up to the top of the cactus hill.

From his perch atop the hill, Hoops did not spot any food, but he did see something else.  He saw another animal that resembled the one he had encountered earlier.  Hoops tried again to make friends, but he was met with even less success than last time.

Hoops walked around the house some more, and he didn't find any food, so he decided to go back to the nice animals.  As he walked back to them, he spotted a friendly face.  Hoops was excited because he spotted Yoyo.

The other animals were so nice that Hoops and Yoyo decided they would stay awhile.


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