Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sweater Upcycle: Sock Fail to Okay

Last week I made a pillow cover and a plastic bag holder out of sweaters.  Another idea that looked quick and easy was making socks out of the sleeves of a sweater. Well, I tried it, but it was a resounding fail.

Supplies for failed socks:
-sweater with 2 sweater sleeves
-sewing machine (or could do by hand) & thread

I used the same red sparkly sweater from last week's pillow case. As you can see, I pretty much just had sleeves left from it anyway.  Darwin wanted to help too.

I cut the sleeves off of the sweater.  Then I pinned the toe and turned over the top to hem it.
I sewed the toe closed.  Instead of just sewing straight across, I angled the sewing on the sides to try to make it more circular like a sock toe.  Next I finished off the top.  This gray thread makes it easy to see.

I should have angled the toes some more, but it wouldn't have saved these socks.  They were a total sock fail.
I guess the picture doesn't show the complete fail. The photo actually makes it look much better than it was.  The bottom was a square and the top was like a wavy/scallopy, slouchy top.   The sock was too big. I think I used a L or XL sweater.  I guess it needed to be a size or 2 smaller.

So, I took the material for the other sock, and I came up with other uses for it.

First, I made a water bottle cozy.  (I don't drink coffee, but it would also fit a Starbucks or other coffee cup.)

Next, I made a headband.  It could be used for cold days or for while I'm waiting for my hair to dry.

Finally, I made a loose collar for Darwin.  He actually didn't hate it.  I thought he looked quite dapper in it.

(I don't know why it looks pink in this photo, but it does.  You can also see Deli.)

 I also worked on a sweater blanket this week, but it's for another post.  It will probably take me several weeks or more to complete it.

I think I will blog about this lamp next week.  I bought it with the intention of decorating the shade.


  1. Darwin sure is handsome. I found you on Flamingo Toes. Have a great day.

  2. super cute kitties. i love the base of that lamp, it will be interesting to see what you do with it!