Sunday, March 10, 2013

Landscaping Update & Easter Door Decoration

I don't have a new craft, recipe, or home improvement to blog about this time, but I am trying to blog once a week, so I am sharing the new front door decoration and the flowers in the front yard.

It looks like the tree, bushes, and (most of the) flowers are doing well.  As you can see, the azaleas are happily blooming.

The flowers look pretty good for the most part, but some of them seem to have had some trouble with the weather.  Our temperatures have been all over the place lately.  I planted a bunch of bulbs, but I am not seeing any sprouts yet.  Hopefully some of them survived the cold snaps.

Easter Door Decoration
I found a very cheap but also cute front door decoration recently, so I decided not to make an Easter wreath.  The wreaths are cute, but they often end up costing in the $20-30 range.  I may do a wreath next year, but for now, this cute bunny will suffice.

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