Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Christmas Cross Stitch Ornaments

I'm behind on my crafting again because I have been super busy at work.  I recently had some court appearances that required additional preparation and I am preparing for another trial.  So, I am writing about a project I completed some time ago.

I found these cross stitch ornaments on Amazon.  They are Dimension's Christmas Pals, and they can be found here.  I thought they were super cute, so I had to make them.

The kits contained the pattern, cross stitch cloth, thread, and needle.  The pattern was easy to follow.  However, each of these ornaments had a lot of detail work, so they took quite some time to complete.

Instead of using the cardboard that came with the kit, I used a thicker adhesive board.  For the hangers, I used some leftover silver cording I had from another project. I glued them to the back of the adhesive board using my glue gun.

Christmas may still be a few months away, but Christmas crafts are fun any time of the year and some crafts need to be started early to be finished in time for Christmas.  Have fun crafting.  :) 

On a side note, our family recently grew by 2 guinea pigs.


  1. Cute ornaments! Thanks for the link! I just might have to make my own.

  2. i love those ornaments!

    Big hugs...xxx Bianca

  3. Love the ornaments, very cute! I did some cross stitch when I was younger, but didn't have the patience for it so I didn't do it for long. Wish I did though, because I see so many beautiful things cross stitched. Thanks for sharing!

    Linda @ Mixed Kreations

  4. OMG, your new pets are adorable! Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  5. Behind? I'd say you were ahead with your darling cross stitch ornaments completed. You've got a great head start on Christmas! Enjoy those new critters. Thanks for sharing with SYC.