Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello Kitties

(pic: Darwin meets Hello Kitty)

I'm really into amigurumi right now, so I chose another amigurumi project for this week's craft.  I recently made some perler bead magnets for a couple of my nephews, so I wanted to make something for one of my nieces this week.  I have a niece who is a fan of Hello Kitty, so i thought I would try my hand at making one.

I found these two free patterns: Pamplemousse and Robotrish.  I used both patterns and made some changes in order to create the above Hello Kitty doll.

My stripes are 3 rounds red and 2 rounds white.

I made the head and ears as directed in the patterns.  The arms and legs are basically the same as the ones from Pamplemousse, but I added red at the end of the legs, and red and white stripes on the arms.

I elongated the body (using Robotrish's pattern) by adding extra plain rounds in the middle and top.

The nose was basically the same as the ones in the two patterns in terms of size, but I made it using a MC/sloppy circle.  I'm pretty sure mine was ch 2, Rnd 1:  2nd from hook, SC 4 and then Rnd 2: SC 2, SC 1 around for 6 total.

I added a skirt onto one of the white stripes in order to form a dress.  To make the skirt bigger than the body, I made increases.  For the ruffle, I did 3 SC in next, 1 SC in next (repeated it all the way around), and then SC all the way around.

The bow was based on the one in the Pamplemousse pattern.  I made the bow as directed, but it was not big enough to tie a not in it. So, I did a plain chain and wrapped it around the bow.

For the embellishments, I used plastic fasten on eyes and black yarn for  whiskers.

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