Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lamp Shade Upgrade

I found this lamp at Target a couple weeks ago. 

It was about half price, and I got another 5% off of it.  I really like the color of the base, but the lamp shade was really plain. 

I thought of several different ways to decorate.  Originally, I was planing to do some sort of ombre paint chip decoration, but I couldn't find the right color paint samples, and it didn't look right.  I also thought about recovering it with a sweater.  I even found one that was pretty close in color, but it also just didn't look quite right.

Finally, I thought back to some ribbon I had from a summer wreath I made, and I knew it would go well with the lamp shade.  You can't see much of the ribbon in the only pic I found of that wreath, but it's at the very top.

Here is what I ended up with as a final product:

I used a glue gun to to add the ribbon at the top and bottom.  I think it added a nice decorative touch.  At one point, I thought about adding a beading around the center, and I bought some beads.  However, once I laid them on it, it looked too cluttered.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  Now, I just need to find the perfect spot for this lamp.  :)

I also did some more amigurumi projects this week, but I am not quite ready to share them.  I have a bear that needs to be stitched together and a project that I will not be able to post until next weekend after a baby shower.  I finished another amigurumi bird, and I will post it later with the bear.  I am definitely enjoying these amigurumi projects, and I already have a couple of other ones in the works. 

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